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Next committee meeting

Tuesday July 09, 2024 6:30 pm

WAI Office

4925 Centerville Road, Suite D
Williamsburg, VA 23188


Purpose of the Committee

To investigate how to improve participation in service and determine if the current structure is serving the needs of the AA community in Williamsburg


The first AA meeting in Williamsburg occurred in 1952. Later that year Williamsburg’s first group, Original Williamsburg Group, was formed.  Williamsburg groups were originally part of District 12, Newport News, Area 71, Virginia. In 1994 there were thirteen listed groups and approximately 23 meetings.


At that point Williamsburg had enough groups, local AAs with service experience, and groups that financially supported AA, to support redistricting. With the assistance of VAC Chair, and following a unanimous vote of the groups, District 38 was formed in May of 1994 and held its first meeting in June 1994. The name “Historic Virginia” was selected in July and District 38 was formally recognized at the VAC Fall 1994 Assembly.


The first District Workshop was held in September 1994. In December 1994, District began to host the Candlelight Gratitude Dinner. District held the first Fourth of July picnic in 1996. It also sponsored the Thanksgiving and Christmas Day Alcothons in 1996 and the first New Year’s Day Alcothon in January 1997. In March of 1998 it hosted the VAC Spring Assembly and District 38 began to fund ADCM travel in addition to DCM travel.


In those early years, District 38 supported, Archives, Grapevine and Literature, Cooperation with the Professional Community, Public Information, and Treatment and Corrections. District 38 continued to support the Peninsula Intergroup and its phone service in its office in Newport News until the Williamsburg Area Intergroup was formed in 1999. With the formation of the Williamsburg Area Intergroup in 1999, special events and many service committees transferred to the Williamsburg Area Intergroup.


By 2004 the respective structures of the two service boards largely reflects their 2017 structure. In 2000, Historic Virginia hosted the VAC Spring Assembly. Most recently Historic Virginia hosted the 2014 VAC State Convention and the 2017 Winter Meeting. District 38 has a legacy of local and area service. Members of District 38 have served as VAC committee chairperson, VAC Chair, and Area 71 Delegate.

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